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When pages start putting boxes together, as told by Billy Madison .Gif-ts

Legislators from the “Golden Circle” be like:


Governor’s office be like:


When boxes begin stacking and Legislators finally start offering ideas to leave they be like:


Then the House sees the Senate’s budget wish list and be like:


House and Senate caucuses try to arm chair quarterback their leadership during deal making and get all upset like:


The press finally realizes it has all been posturing for weeks and be like:


When they finally go home, everyone will be like:


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When the Iowa State Men’s Basketball team and Fred Hoiberg showed up at the Capitol

Herman Quirmbach was all like:


Most legislators, who didn’t recognize the team, were all like:


When Coach Hoiberg agreed to take pics with the legislators, they were all like:

The Mayor!!!

The Mayor!!!


Legislators from Johnson County and Eastern Iowa were all like:


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BONUS .GIF-T: When Sam Clovis said House members were afraid to impeach Obama because he’s black

John Boehner was all:


The rest of the GOP senate candidates were all:


National Democrats wanting Clovis to be the nominee were all:


Sam Clovis county chairs were all:


Clovis campaign manager Chuck Laudner was all:


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When Jennifer Jacobs reported Mark Jacobs wasn’t as successful as he claims

Analyzing the financial health of a utilities company is tricky, experts agree, and the industry was without a doubt full of turmoil during Jacobs’ tenure as chief executive officer of a Texas independent power company.

But the facts are at odds with his message: Under his leadership as CEO, Reliant Energy/RRI Energy downsized rapidly. It fared worse than the competitors Jacobs suggested the Register use for equity performance comparison. His shareholders saw their stock value decline 86 percent. The company lost $7.7 billion in market value under his watch, and dropped out of the Fortune 500.

The Des Moines Register

Team Ernst was like:


Ernst’s advisers were all like: image

Team Jacobs was all like:


Jacobs’ field team likely got screamed at like:


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When Mike Huckabee made sexist comments (again) at the Faith and Freedom event:

Bob Vander Plaats, Danny Carroll and Chuck Hurley were all:

Steve Scheffler and his IFFC board were all:

Jan Mickelson was all:

Steve Deace was all:

Former Republican Party Chairman Ashley Spiker was all:

Emily’s List was all:

Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Scott Brennan was all:

Reporters were all like:

Oh, he also said this:

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GUEST SUBMISSION: The Suffolk Poll is here!

View poll here

When Joni Ernst saw she was leading the poll she was all:

When the rest of the GOP field saw the results they were all:

When Bruce Braley saw the results showing him leading the entire GOP field he was all:

When Terry Branstad saw the results showing him leading Jack Hatch he was all:

When Hillary’s lead stoked speculation about whether she would compete in the Iowa caucuses, she was all:

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When Pat Murphy missed the biggest union vote of the session, House File 2462

House File 2462

Registered against the bill:

Brian Guillaume
Against AFSCME IA Council 61 Marcia Nichols Against AFSCME IA Council 61 Morgan Miller Against AFSCME IA Council 61
Mark Cooper
Against South Central Iowa Federation of Labor AFL-CIO 
Bradley Hudson
Against    IA. State Education Assn.                                                               
Melissa Peterson
Against    IA. State Education Assn. 
John Cacciatore
Against    State Police Officers Council                                                            
Justin Hupfer
Against    State Police Officers Council                                                            
Mary Earnhardt
Against    State Police Officers Council      
Charlie Wishman Against IA. Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO

Pat Murphy, who AFSCME endorsed in IA01, tried to explain to Danny Homan, but was all like:

When AFSCME called up Anesa to get her to oppose the transparency bill, she was like:

After Koester got his House Oversight Committee bill passed he preps for the media hits like:

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GUEST SUBIMSSION: When Carroll’s Doug Burns wrote Braley farmer comments shows he forgot where he’s from

“I’ve sort of felt a little bad for Braley. He’s from Brooklyn, Iowa, and it must be frustrating explaining to people, that, no, he’s not from the other Brooklyn, the one in New York, land of Mr. Kotter and Grimaldis Pizza and the Big Bridge. As it turns out, other people aren’t confused about this. It’s Braley who forgot where he’s from.”

Carroll Daily Times Herald

Doug Burns was like:

Team Braley was all like:

The Republicans were all like:

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