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When the Loras College Poll showed Branstad up HUGE on Hatch

Incumbent Republican Governor Terry Branstad has opened a sizeable lead over his Democratic opponent, State Senator Jack Hatch. The post-Labor Day Loras College Poll of the gubernatorial race in Iowa yielded the following results:
Terry Branstad          55.5 percent
Jack Hatch                 33.5 percent   
Undecided                   11.0 percent 

Loras College Poll  

Jack Hatch and Monica Vernon be looking at the poll like:

Monica Vernon be like:

John Hedgecoth be like:

Grant Woodard be like:

Democrat legislative staffers seeing they may be victims of down ballot trouble with Branstad up that big be calling their bosses and saying:

Meanwhile, Team Branstad be celebrating like:

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When an Iowa Democrat worker told KCCI that Jack Hatch doesn’t have support

"[O]ne Democratic canvassing volunteer has serious concerns about the Hatch for Governor campaign.

The support for Jack Hatch just doesn’t seem to be there. We get a lot of undecided [votes], even when we are polling strong Democrats,” volunteer Ryan Hartley said.


The Branstad campaign be like:


Christina Freundlich, Scott Brennan and IDP staff be like:


Mike Gonstal and Hatch’s Senate Democrat buddies be like:


Hatch, Vernon and their entire team be like:


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When the Des Moines Register was 11 days late to the O’Malley story

On August 25th, The Washington Post’s John Wagner reported some interesting news. Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley was dispatching staffers to Iowa and New Hampshire. Here is an excerpt from Mr. Wagner’s story:

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley is preparing to dispatch more than two dozen campaign staffers to other states with competitive elections this year, including Iowa and New Hampshire, in his latest move consistent with someone gearing up to run for president.

O’Malley (D), who has said he is seriously considering a 2016 White House bid, plans to meet Friday with members of the group, who will be sent by his political action committee to states with gubernatorial and U.S. Senate races in the fall, aides said.

O’Malley spokeswoman Lis Smith confirmed the governor’s plans but offered few specifics and declined to share the states to which the staffers will be sent, beyond Iowa and New Hampshire. Both states have gubernatorial and U.S. Senate races on the fall ballot.

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That same day, Buzzfeed also reported on the news that was sure sign of 2016 ambitions

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley will pay for more than two dozen staffers to work on Democratic campaigns in Iowa, New Hampshire, and several other states ahead of the midterm elections this fall, his spokesperson confirmed Monday.

The move to dispatch campaign workers, first reported by the Washington Post, signals the extent to which O’Malley is pursuing a possible White House bid.

The governor’s spokesperson, Lis Smith, would not discuss details about how many staffers would travel to which states. But she said the staffers would be helping Senate and gubernatorial campaigns across the country, including those races in Iowa and New Hampshire, the states that host the first caucuses and primary.

The staffers, Smith said, will be paid for by O’Malley’s political action committee, O’Say Can You See, also called O’PAC.

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Now, 11 days later, on September 5th, The Des Moines Register has finally figured out what’s going on.

A political action committee affiliated with Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley has sent several staffers to Iowa to help out on key statewide campaigns, campaign aides and a spokeswoman for O’Malley confirmed on Thursday.

O’Malley, a two-term governor, is pondering a run for president in 2016, and has gone out of his way to court politicians and raise his profile in Iowa, home to the first-in-the-nation presidential caucuses.

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When everyone saw the Des Moines Register was 11 days late to the party, they be like:

National political reporters, seeing The Register is 11 days late to the story, be like:

The Washington Post’s John Wagner, who broke the story 11 days ago, be like:

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GUEST SUBMISSION: When Hatch’s campaign forgot to tell people about their campaign

Hatch also admitted to some campaign missteps.

It appears his staff forgot to release his holiday weekend schedule to the media, so his three days of campaign appearances weren’t publicized or covered by reporters.


John Hedgecoth be like:

Grant Woodard be like:

Jack Hatch and Monica Vernon be like:

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When the Iowa Corn Growers announced their endorsement in #IASEN

Endorsements for the 2014 federal election cycle include the following: 

• US Senate: Bruce Braley (D)
• US House of Representatives (4): Steve King (R), Dave Loebsack (D), • Pat Murphy (D) and David Young (R)

Endorsements for the 2014 state election cycle include the following: 

• Iowa Governor: Terry Branstad (R)
• Iowa Secretary of Agriculture: Bill Northey (R)

Bruce Braley be like:

Joni Ernst be like:

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When @IowaGOP called out Hatch for his big conflict of interest

Iowa GOP chair blasts Hatch over killed bill

The chairman of the Iowa Republican Party is accusing Jack Hatch, the Democratic candidate for governor, of killing a bill in the state senate that would have been a hit to Hatch’s bottom line as a real estate developer. Iowa GOP chairman Jeff Kaufmann says Hatch has been trying to “hide the truth” about his business from Iowans.

“This is just one more example of where his job as state senator has lined his pockets,” Kaufmann says.

In 2013 a Republican in the state senate introduced a bill that would have reduced the fee property developers could claim on tax credits that are issued by the Iowa Finance Authority for low income housing developments. Senator Jake Chapman, a Republican from Adel, says Hatch used his position as chairman of a three-member SUB-committee to kill the bill.

“Hatch, a man who has made millions of dollars from developer fees, killed the bill,” Chapman says. “He stuck it in his desk drawer, never held a (subcommittee) meeting or let it come to a vote because it would have personally cost him millions of dollars if it had passed.”

Chapman says Hatch should have cited a conflict of interest and removed himself from any decision-making on the legislation.

Radio Iowa

Jeff Kaufmann be like:

Jack Hatch be like:

John Hedgecoth and Grant Woodard be like:

Team Branstad be like:

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Checking in on campaigns exactly 10 weeks from Election Day

Team Branstad, looking at Hatch in the rear view mirror, be like:


Team Hatch be like:


Braley, after a series of gaffes, be like: image

Joni Ernst, after pulling even with Braley, be like:


State House and State Senate Dems see Bransatd vs. Hatch poll numbers and be worried like:


State House and State Senate Republicans see the same numbers and be like:


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When Branstad reserved $2.5 million in TV ads for the final push

Branstad reserves $2.5 million in fall TV: Iowa Republican Gov. Terry Branstad, who has opened a commanding double-digit lead in his bid for a record sixth term, has bought up $2.5 million statewide between Sept. 1 and Election Day. The Branstad campaign, which first went on the air June 4 and has aired six ads so far, will announce plans to stay on the air in the Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Sioux City, Mason City, Davenport, Ottumwa and Quincy markets this fall. They will add Omaha time later. Democratic state Sen. Jack Hatch has only aired one ad so far, in the Des Moines and Cedar Rapids markets. A finance report filed last month showed the challenger had $183,000 cash on hand, three-quarters of which was a loan. Branstad has also gotten sizable air cover from the Republican Governors Association, which has allowed him to run positive spots so far.


.Gif-t Shop Quick Math: Branstad-Reynolds just spent 13 times more on TV for the final push than Hatch-Vernon has cash-on-hand. Think about it. Yikes.

Jack Hatch be like:


Monica Vernon be like:


Iowa TV stations be like:


Team Branstad make the ad reserve and be like: image

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