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When Tom Harkin doubled down on Braley’s “Farmer from Iowa” gaffe


It is supposed to be a settled piece of campaign history for Democrats in Iowa — a foot-in-mouth utterance, caught on tape, much dissected, and later apologized for, but most definitely in the past.

However, Senator Tom Harkin is not through with The Moment — when Representative Bruce Braley, the Democratic candidate for Senate, referred to Charles E. Grassley, the state’s long-serving Republican senator, as “a farmer from Iowa who never went to law school.” For many, the comments struck at the urban-rural divide, which is an undercurrent in this closely fought Senate race.

Mr. Harkin seemed determined in a recent interview to prove that, conventional wisdom aside, Mr. Braley’s comment was by no means impolitic. “This may not be the time to say this,” Mr. Harkin said as he broached the topic at an Iowa coffee shop. But he could not resist picking at the scab:

“I watched it and I watched it again, and I thought, ‘What’s the hubbub about?’ He said on that tape that if the Senate goes Republican, a farmer from Iowa who never went to law school will be chairman of the Judiciary Committee. Everything he said is absolutely true. He didn’t lie. He didn’t utter a falsehood. He just said it matter of factly.

“To my way of thinking, I’d say so what’s the problem here? They said, ‘Well, he was dissing Grassley.’ How can you diss someone about which they are proud? I think Chuck Grassley is pretty proud of the fact that he didn’t go to law school and he’s going to be chairman of the Judiciary Committee — first time ever. What’s wrong with that?”

– Michael Barbaro, New York Times

Next time Braley sees Sen. Harkin, he’ll be like:

When Team Braley saw this coming back in the news 2 weeks from Election Day, they be like:

Team Ernst be like:

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Reactions as Joni Ernst and Bruce Braley prepare to debate for the final time, as told by Flight of the Conchords gifs

Team Ernst be like:

Team Braley be ready for the big show like:

When one candidate is attacking, the other actually wants to do this:

After the debate, where they were constantly attacking, they both be like:

When the candidates mention Koch Brothers and Tom Steyer, viewers be like:

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When Joni Ernst and Terry Branstad were leading in the Quinnipiac Poll

Ernst leads 47-45

Branstad leads 54-39

Quinnipiac Poll

Republicans be like:

My mother is a 						*******					 lazy ass scum bag unworthy of sucking my dads hairy balls.   
So yes.

Team Branstad be like:

Seeing Braley closing the gap, GOP operatives begin pushing the Braley Chickengate story again like:

Team Braley, watching the poll gap closing, be like:

Democrats, seeing Hatch’s numbers staying in the dumbs, be like:

Team Hatch sees the numbers with 20 days left and feels like:

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When Branstad was annihilating Jack Hatch in the new Iowa Poll

A Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics Iowa Poll conducted last week underscores Branstad’s wide lead and many advantages heading into the homestretch of the campaign.

Overall, Branstad is the choice of 54 percent of likely voters, compared with 39 percent who favor Hatch.

That 15-point gap between the candidates is in line with earlier polling, including a September Iowa Poll that showed Branstad with a 14-point lead. What’s changed since then is that more voters have made up their minds: Only 4 percent remain undecided, down from 10 percent.

Branstad leads among every demographic group identified in the poll except for self-identified Democrats and respondents who said they’ve already voted. He even bests Hatch among women, voters under 35 and lower-income voters — all demographics that generally go for Democrats.

Des Moines Register

Team Branstad be like:

Team Hatch be like:

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When Kent Sorenson decided to get high before going to prison

Jason Noble gets the story and is like:

Kent Sorenson be like:

Very soon, Sorenson will be like:

Republicans and Democrats be like:

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Iowa politicians’ reactions to Obama’s awful Iowa Poll numbers

President Barack Obama’s reputation has rebounded a bit among Iowans in recent months, but more than half of the state’s residents still disapprove of the way he’s doing his job, a new Iowa Poll shows.

The new poll finds that 39 percent of Iowans approve of the president’s job performance and 53 percent disapprove. 


Bruce Braley be like:

Jack Hatch be like:

Iowa Dems trying to keep the state Senate and win the state House are like:

Joni Ernst be like:

Branstad be like:

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When Chris Christie announced he was coming to Iowa (again) to help Branstad

Chris Christie is coming to Iowa Friday, Oct. 3. He’ll make a stop in Cedar Rapids.

He’s coming to campaign for Branstad, who is up 14 - 23 points (depending which poll you follow), and whose opponent can’t afford TV. And Gov. Christie says, of course, he’s focused on 2014.

When Christie announced he’s coming to Iowa…

Other 2016-ers be like:

Team Branstad be like:

emma stone animated GIF

Gov. Christie be like:

Jack Hatch be like:

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