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When Jack Hatch only had $183,000 cash on hand

Here is what some other candidates have on hand. Again, Jack Hatch has $183,000 cash on hand.

Brad Anderson: $214,276

Bill Dix: $189, 207

Adam Gregg: $174,987

Tom Miller: $245,219

Bill Northey: $277,291

Kraig Paulsen: $532,667

Mark Smith: $164,285

When people see these numbers compared to Democrat JackHatch’s fundraising…

Everyone be like:


Team Branstad be like:


Team Hatch be like:


The press be like:


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When Rick Perry was in Iowa and said he’ll secure the border if the feds don’t

Texas Governor Rick Perry says he’s considering the “option” of sending Texas National Guard troops to secure his state’s southern border. Perry made his comments today during a lunch in the Clear Lake, Iowa VFW with 17 veterans and members of local law enforcement agencies.

“I think we’ve sent the message that if we don’t get the satisfaction that the federal government’s going to move and move quickly, then the State of Texas will, in fact, fill that void and address this issue,” Perry said.

Radio Iowa

Steve King was all:

Iowa Democrats were all like:

Rick Perry was all:

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When the Marist Poll showed Braley and Ernst all tied up

Republican Joni Ernst and Democrat Bruce Braley have equal support among registered voters in Iowa - 43 percent to 43 percent, an NBC News/Marist poll released this morning shows.

The poll tested Iowans who are registered to vote, and included those who aren’t necessarily committed to showing up at the polls in November. About a third say they are unsure about their opinion of the two candidates or have never heard of Ernst or Braley, who are competing for the U.S. Senate seat that Tom Harkin will leave open upon his retirement this winter.


Joni Ernst be like:

Bruce Braley be like:

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When Bruce Braley threatened legal action over (wait for it…) hens

Rep. Braley, D-Waterloo, the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate, has ruffled feathers by launching a contentious legal battle involving a neighbor and her four therapeutic hens. After comparing his Republican opponent, state Sen. Joni Ernst, to a chick in his first attack ad, Braley looks like C Grade poultry after this fracas. His ad, “Peep,” featured a clip of a baby chick along with audio of a chick peeping (severalmediaoutlets noted the sexist nature of the ad, especially in a state that has never sent a woman to Congress).

Braley’s legal problem started this spring when a chicken crossed his property line. Braley’s wife Carolyn attended a May 8 meeting of the Holiday Lake Owner’s Association to complain about the fowl. The dispute escalated, causing the association to incur nearly $1,700 in legal fees after Braley called the association’s attorney with an implied threat of legal action.

“It’s stupid that it went this far. Any reasonable person would have talked to their neighbor in a reasonable fashion instead,” said Bill Nagle, an association board member. “For being brought up on a farm, he sure has lost his rural, farm values.”

The Iowa Republican

Republicans be like:

Democrats be like:

Team Braley be like:

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When campaigns be posting pics of their supporters in parades

The campaign staffers snapping pics be like:


When staffers see this post, they be like: image

Everyone else looking at social media be like:


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